Great Plays In The Field

Well since I made this play the other day I thought we should dedicate great plays we’ve all made in the field into this thread.

The other day we drove down to Price, Utah to play a doubleheader the first game we played was right after a massive rain storm so instead of playing on the College of Eastern Utah field we played on their less good high school field, we made it playable (yes we, the Price team didn’t help at all) but there were still puddles in the outfield where I play and in the 5th inning there was a ball hit into shallow right down the line, I sprinted over to it and with the grass still wet lost my footing caught the ball as I fell and did the powerslide into the puddle.

I once was playing little league (I am 12) and It was raining a little but the field was soaked and I made a nice sliding catch, it was fun and I got wet :slight_smile:


Who else made great plays?

When I was playing Little League last year, I was at 2b. There was a shallow pop fly hit over my head, I went back 15 feet, tripped, and caught the ball over my shoulder while falling. BAREHANDED!

in little leaue i was playing leftfield a ball came to my right in ran over and leaped as high has a could

O.k. I was playing second once during a scrimmage and we were turning a double play and the ball was hit to the first baseman. The ball was hit off to his right a little bit so I ran behind him to cover the bag. Then the ball bounced off of the heel of his glove and up over his shoulder. I barehanded it and ran across first to get the out.

My favorite plays were the ones I made while playing first base. It was those pop fouls that were close to the dugout where I sprinted over and either dove and made the catch or slid and made the catch. Those were so satisfying. Occasionally I would come away bloody because the dugout area had that rough dirt with rocks but it didn’t matter if you made the out.

When I was in high school I went for one of those behind 1st and got chop bocked by a short fence then end up in a pile of bricks on the other side upside down.