Great Outings

We were down at states this past weekend for the state tournament. We got knocked out in the first two games all on unearned runs. The first game against saginaw the pitcher had 9 k’s and 4 bb’s and gave up one earned run. We lost 3-2. Saturday i pitched and had 8 k’s and 2 bb’s. Also had 1 earned run. we lost to clinton valley 7-3. We both lasted 6 innings before we walked a guy or two. For me i think it was frustration with my fielders as all of the unearned runs came in that inning. Not the way i wanted to end the season that i thought we could make a run at state tournament and maaybe even regionals.

rough day on defense?

Well thats not good luck but my team went undefeated in the regular season and ended up winning the championship by going undefeated in those games.

My idea of a good outing: pitch nine innings, no walks, maybe give up a single or two, anywhere from six strikeouts on up (I usually averaged 8 or 9), and a delicious shutout, whether it be 1-0 or 8-0. And I had plenty of those, because I rejoiced in making the opposing batters look very, very stupid with the stuff I had. :smiley: 8)

Just don’t let your losses affect how you go about playing the game.
Remember- “It is your response to winning and losing that makes you a winner or a loser”. Every team is going to have some bad games.
Don’t let it get you down in the dumps. Cheer up!
Work hard, and prepare for the off-season.

Hi, CardsWin!
I remember one time I was talking to Ed Lopat, and I commented that I knew he didn’t win all the time, that he would lose a few games now and then—and I was wondering how he reacted to this. His reply: “I know. I’ve lost some here and there, but how I react depends on the loss. I’ve been belted around—8-0, 9-3, 11-2—but although I don’t like it very much, I’m not all that upset by it, because all those scores tell me is that I just didn’t have my good stuff those days. On the other hand, what gets me are the close ones—2-1, 3-2, and after one of those defeats I’ll be sitting in the locker room chewing myself out for letting the game get away from me. It’s at times like that I think I might as well have just gone fishing.” And then I reminded him that he’d gone ahead and won his next start and launched a new winning streak. He said with a smile, “So I did.” 8)

It was a very rough day on defense. i think the other pitcher and i both handled the losses pretty well. We didnt put the blame on any one person, cause we all could have done something different to change the outcoem of the game. Just another learning experience.