Great Maddux Profile

It’s off of very much worth the read!! To quote one of my favorite philosophers…the Late Great Frank Zappa…“Great Googlymooglies”…So good even my son had to read it twice.
I guess if I don’t leave the link you can’t read it…duh.

great article! Thanks!

Glad you commented on it…way too good a piece not to give as many chances to see it before it rolls off the page.

I can’t say much more about this man than what has already been said. I’m a small guy, so I don’t throw that hard. I’ve always looked up to and often emulate Maddux. This is partially because he played for the Braves, but also that he pitched to contact, and not to blow it by anyone. This man is a beast! I believe he is the greatest pitcher of all time. But that’s my opinion :lol: . Great find jd! Much appreciated!