Great Family Baseball Entertainment


Around the country there are many summer collegiate baseball leagues that host a lot of youngsters form some of the finest baseball college programs, anywhere.

Here in my neck of the woods is the New England College Baseball League, and one of the clubs that’s right here near my home are the Holyoke Blue Sox.][img][/img

Games are usually held in the evening and the ticket prices are unbeatable at around $6 a piece. Seating is usually first come first serve.

So, sick and tired of the high priced ball park seats? Try a great game and overall good time by supporting any local college baseball league program. The kids will love it, you’ll be supporting a great program, you won’t see a lot of prima donnas strutting around, nor will you see players and coaches alike arguing with umpires. You will see a group of young men, acting like gentlemen, playing the game the way it was meant to be played - all heart.

Play ball …