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What do you guys think about his decision?

I think it shows courage and devotion to a belief, not altogether different than Pat Tilghman. These are true and real hero’s. The truth is though they aren’t/weren’t looking for recognition, they knew what was right and followed their hearts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tim Tebow do a similar thing.

Agreed, JR. Pat Tillman, Grant Desme, and Tim Tebow are true heroes. They show(ed) devotion and courage each day.

People like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Floyd Landis, Ron Artest, those guys are not true heroes. They’ll cheat to win, and if they don’t win, they’ll pretty much throw a fit.

Personally I don’t agree with his decision but you know as long as he did what he felt was right I don’t have a problem with it.

You know Landis, Bonds and Clemens are great at what they do and they are not whiners by any means. They may have used illegal performance enhancers but they were just trying to get an edge which is what all athlete’s do. Don’t tell me the guys who played during the years of the negro leagues weren’t looking for an edge, they didn’t even let some of the best players in the game play. Cheating has always been around and some people are famous for it like Gaylord Perry.

I don’t have a problem with you commenting on Tebow, Desme and Tillman but to bash these other great athletes like that I feel was uncalled for.

Tebow hasn’t even done anything like that so why are you saying he’s a real hero?

Look I’m not going to even call Desme and Tillman heroes because I think the made the wrong choice, but I do believe they should be admired for following their own path and not letting people like me and my opinions keep them from doing what they want.

Agreed, probably don’t think it was nice of me to bash those athletes. I wouldn’t have done what Desme did, after all, my dream is to play baseball, not to become a priest.

I never really understand why most people blame Clemens, Bonds and most of the others who took steroids.
They weren’t ever tested for steroids since 2003-2004?
So what? Would you rather like being a future hall of famer or would you be a mediocre player who will be forgotten?

Sure, they could have reached that with a lot of practice and stuff, but just think at all the special moments they gave us.

You can’t really blame them… they have to live with all the negative things about steroids now…

The focus of this thread is Grant Desme’s decision to retire from baseball and become a priest. This is not about steroids.

GermanSP, how do you feel about Grant Desme’s decision?

It takes a lot of courage, I say good for him. I don’t know if I could do the same thing but I respect any person who is willing to do something like this for what they believe. I personally am a Christian (not to upset anyone) so I do believe your religious beliefs should come before anything else but I have never had the desire to become a priest.

If a man walked into my office, with comparable pitching stats, stood in front of my desk and told me he was not going to return because he was following the calling of his God - I’d first probably crack open a pint of Jim Beam - take a belt, then wish him the best in a much higher league.

Good luck Grant.

If you’ll bear with me a few sentences I’ll try to explain, in my opinion, the goings on here.

When something like this happens you immediately question the sanity of the person involved. You might have said the same about the baseball players of World War II, i.e. Ted Williams…Bob Feller.

There is a word that describes “the box” we all live in. It is a paradigm. Our paradigm is the everyday values we assign certain things. To vary from these is to break the paradigm, move “outside the box”, assign a new set of values.

Organized baseball reinforces the importance of participating in the game by paying outrageous salaries to players.

Players themselves have a ready platform to expound on the selectivity of their sport.

The baseball writers and broadcasters write and speak about the great game of baseball.

The United States Congress holds hearings on the integrity of the sport.

Coaches spend entire lifetimes sacrificing their lives and families for the importance of the game.

The NCAA raves about the student/athlete model.

ESPN, FOX, CBS, MLB etc. sells advertising and broadcasts endless games.

Parents and children dream of a family member playing professional ball.

Owners profit share millions.

The paradigm has been set. But paradigms are closed systems that do not permit “thinking out of the box.” The very thing which gives the paradigm its strength is also its weakness. It should always be remembered that a paradigm is not in its complete or end stage. We should be ready to accept a reorganization of reality when the shift is towards a more perfect system.

Grant Desme’s “decision” is a direct challenge to the baseball paradigm. To be sure, it was no more a decision than switching on the light in a dark room. If you want to see, you hit the lights. I doubt Grant could convince very many people that he was doing the right thing. But then again, neither could a guy named Jesus.

Good point Dino. This thread has become popular, I wonder why.

Spoken like a wise man Dino.

I honestly think Grant Desme could careless if people think what he is doing is right or not because he feels he is doing what’s right and we all know that’s all that matters.

Well I know that this isn’t 'bout steroids, but that little topic was mentioned, so I answered to this.

Well my opinion on Desme’s decision is, that you got to do what you think you got to do. If it is his desire to do this, you can’t stop him.
But I do also think that it is wasted talent right there. He lived the dream of lotta kids out there, and he threw his chance to play pro ball away… I wish there would be lotta kids who would have loved to be in his place… but again, it is his choice to do that.
I was once told that winners never quit, and people who quit will never win, so in my eyes, he quits

Okay, in my mind, he’s winning because he’s doing something he wants to do.

You are correct my friend.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Becoming a better person and enjoying the life that you have. Love the life you live!

[quote=“kevinbert28”]The focus of this thread is Grant Desme’s decision to retire from baseball and become a priest. This is not about steroids.

GermanSP, how do you feel about Grant Desme’s decision?[/quote]

You are the one who brought up steroids, just saying.

Yeah, good point.