Grant Balfour Mechanics

Anyone have his mechanics? He’s a relief pitcher for the Rays with a 96 mph fastball and he’ll probably be Tampa’s closer when Troy Percival leaves.

he should be there closer now, i dono wtf is going on with wheeler and percival being givin those opportunities.

I know, I think wheeler has some of the worst mechs ive ever seen and has none of the electric stuff balfour has.

Percival is a legendary closer. The Rays are giving him a chance to renew his career in this years he’s gone from 12th on the All-Time Saves List to 8th

Kaz Im not calling Percival a bad closer and neither is jeckel. We just think hes past his prime and its balfours turn now. Nothing against your Rays or anything but besides that, I started this discussion because I wanted to see his mechanics not to discuss whos gonna be the next rays closer.

I’m not saying you were :smiley: Percival deserves his chance to renew his self. He’s shown he’s still got a little fight in him. Balfour doesn’t have enough big league time to be a closer. Maybe next year

Plus, Alex Rios did hit a 2 run home-run off of him.

Yeah it was epic, and then we sweeped the Rays (and we even beat Matt Garza, who has i think 2 ER in about 45 IP against the Jays).

ive thought about that fact of nothaving enough bg leage time but then youg ata go back to papalbon…dont think he had alot of big league time either(im probably wrong) either way i think he still shoulda got the chance over wheeler. i mean balfour has 4/5 saves and a 1.62 era, along with 72k and 22bb…wheelers got 19bb with only 49ks, the problem i have is people see wheeler alot better and can take advantage of him. hes 10/15 in saves and has a weak fastball. perci does deserve it but the first time he went out it shoulda been balfour not wheeler. and now that perci is struggling it should be grant

Im just gonna bring this up again but xv or anyone else have video of him.

You should PM xv. METS CHOKE!!!

If anyone knows a way to get a video copy off of I-Tunes I’d do it.


Hope that helped. Sorry I dunno how to loop it and the quality isn’t great. GIF clips can’t have good quality I dunno why.

From what Ive seen of Balfour, I really liked him. He doesnt look to have much but a fastball, but he does have one hell of a fastball. I saw him overthrowing against the Sox, and he was 95-97 the entire inning with good command at times, and he has that life on his fastball. I love those fastballs, ones like Oswalts, Lincecums, Papelbons, the one that comes in at 94 but batters say looks like 100.