Graham Pitching Analysis - 9 years old - 42mph


What can we work on?



Since no one else responded, I’ll throw a few things out- I would focus on the first three until they are mastered.

I would have him start from the stretch…more consistent at this age
He lets his elbow drop and he pushes the ball…elbow at shoulder height…this is a must for all throwing not just pitching
He lands with his front foot to the left of an imaginary line from the rubber to the plate…should land on it
He scrunches his torso to his knee…stand tall…knee towards opposite shoulder
He lets his front shoulder dip as he’s moving forward…front shoulder up at front foot strike
He takes the ball back behind the mid-line of his body…should be more directly behind the body

Personally, I would have him wear tennis shoes when throwing from a portable mound


First of all, I would mostly try to have him work on throwing longer distances with very little time pitching until closer to the season. He mostly needs become as athletic as possible at his age (like everybody else). Small doses of long toss, some time throwing football, anything to keep him moving. His patterns are a little out of sync but mostly very good for his age and size. There is a big yard outside that cage. He should be trying to throw all the way across it.

Not sure how he compares in size to his peers, but he looks slight. His velocity will improve as he gets bigger and as his overall athleticism improves.

His arm path is very short so he gets his arm up to the high cock position before his front foot is down. His arm has to wait on his body and this slows arm speed.

I think longer throwing distance with emphasis on getting his glove up to the bill of his cap will help some. Opposite and equal with the arms may be a cue that can get him to engage his front side more.

While normally I agree that pitching from the stretch is better, most of your fellow’s deficits will be better served by having him throw with movement. Shuffle throws and step behinds and step overs will help him sequence better and also improve his field throwing. He needs to become a more fluid and better sequenced thrower before he becomes a pitcher.

He does lower his elbow. This is a position that some very high level pitchers get into. (see Maddux) He does not push the ball. If you step through the videos frame by frame, you can see that he has very good forearm layback or external rotation. Do not worry about that part.

In short he needs to have his front foot down before he starts to throw the ball. I think the best way there is to have him throw with movement and then try to take that to the mound after his pattern is more developed.

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Thanks for the feedback. Some things I can see with my older eyes but I am just getting into video analysis and these comments really help to break things down.

Frontside balance: Keeping his frontside balanced has been a challenge - I’ve been trying different drills to get there but he has some severe muscle memory to erase and he is successful doing what he does now so he is a bit resistant.

Size: He is small for his age - around and up. Keep waiting for the growth spurt…



Sometimes I use the cue “Reach for the sky, then let it fly.” to encourage a more active glove side. Once you get it going you can tone it back if needed.
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Here is his arm when his foot lands

He has little seperation at all of his hips and shoulders since he is already mostly in to shoulder rotation. At this point in his delivery, his arm should still be back, with his hips open like this:
Uploading… This will increase his velocity greatly


Thanks. I had not noticed this in my analysis. This is not a link in the chain that I had considered. Curious what the second pitcher picture is - when I see a link it just says ‘uploading’.

All of the comments are greatly appreciated.


It’s a picture of Aroldis Chapman. You see his hips completely facing the target while his arm is up and loaded back, ready to go