i know grades mean a lot to colleges when looking at kids, and i recently failed algebra 2 for the nine weeks. will this have a major impact on me if a college sees the failing grade.

Life is not over (With just one bad grade), they (D-1) want to see an over all 3.0 and at least a 1000 on the SAT. BUT grades are very important, if your school offers tuturing…get it. Do home work, study for tests. it will help every aspect of your future for you to be successful academically, at the price of a little time the value is plain to see. If you want to play at the highest levels of college your success with grades is just another indicator that you are mature and responsible enough to handle the stuff they will put you through.
Get in there and work with grades like you condition physically as in a very real sense they are another aspect of your game from now on…Think …Will a pro team risk millions on a player who can’t be responsible enough to learn the things they demand as a team (Maybe if your skills are Albertesq)?
Good Luck…

thanks for the advice ill defianatley start working now.

I’d like to tell you one more thing: Ask for help. You will not believe the people that will fall all over themselves to assist you in getting better grades. Go to your teachers, guidance office, tutor, clergy, parents, it’s odds on that some or all of these folks will get you to where you want to be. Adults really do there best to help kids who have a plan and a goal, don’t hesitate to accept as much as is given, be humble and respectful but use it up. I assure you that you will be surprised by how much people really do care. Good luck.
My son brought home his card today…A’s, B’s and still managed a 67 D in a weighted bio class…He knows he has to work harder too!