Got a vid finally

after 2 years of not playing, this is what i end up with. these are my first warmup pitches on the mound. this is my 3rd game im actually pitching since I got back.

already saw the front foot going to 1b massively like it used to. and some hanging to 2b in the start of my motion.

fire away !

btw, i can put up a full speed vid aswell if thats needed^^!


heres one full speed from a slightly diferrent angle. ill try to get some side view/rear view this wednesday.

i lost alot of speed. mostly because of my mechanics + the fact that i’ve lost weight and having trouble to get back to 70-75 kg( 65 atm :/)


This picture will show your main problem, which is probably a huge reason why you’re not reaching the velocity (and probably control) that you could be. If you look at this picture, it looks like your pitching to someone to the right of the camera and not at the catcher. Your left foot is pointing away from the catcher (which you already noted) and your stride also is leading away causing all momentum built up to move away from the catcher and towards the first base side. Fix that and you’ll be much better for it.

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thanks for the reply.

control thing is also true. even though its getting better every time i pitch I’m still having a hard time getting my stride straight to homeplate. Dont know why.

the stepping to 1st base also makes me open up to early? if so I’m guessing after I manage to get my stride right it should correct itself?



control thing is also true. even though its getting better every time i pitch I’m still having a hard time getting my stride straight to homeplate. Dont know why

The issue is with your glove hand - when and where you decide to “curl” it.

Notice in the slow motion of your first Youtube shot, you bring your glove down and outside of your stride leg, then curl your glove inward.

The human body is very sensitive to forward motion and the arms and hands are very proactive in the body’s way of dealing with said motion. So, wherever that glove hand stops, then curls, is where that stride foot is going to land.

For example, take your spikes and draw a straight line towards home plate from where your pivot foot is. Stretch out your stride leg, along that line, and move your stride foot back and forth so it leaves a mark. About two (2) feet to the right of that mark, make an “X” with your spikes.

Now go through your motion, but, where the “X” is, stop your glove hand from going any further. Notice how the stride leg plop’s itself down right on the “X”. Now, see where your line is going directly towards home plate - make a “X” to the left of that line … Oh, about eight inches over towards the first base line. Go through your pitching motion again, and this time stop your glove hand at the new mark, and watch how your stride foot turns sideways in addition to your entire body, as it has been doing in the Youtube video.

The placement of your glove arm and your glove hand has a very important impact on the stride leg and its support of your pitching accuracy.

I hope some of this helps you.

Coach B.

Thanks. Ill give it a go this evening!


why is your front foot not pointing to the catcher??

is a bit to left hitters

Right , so I’ve had practice last night. and to be honest. It’s a B**** to fix something u’ve been doing for several years :roll:

even though I endend up with my foot a little more straight to home. It’s not a real problem when its a little off to 1b?

oh and i noticed I was leaning to 1b/dugout . Not “standing” up straight, but a little leaning wich makes me fall off to the side when I plant my foot .

I got my footplant right, without the leaning and falling off, like about 3 times or so and what the :shock: felt like my fastball went 10-20% faster than usuall. Even the catcher asked me where that came from so Im guessing thats is a good start for now.

about the glove side arm. Having trouble with that aswell. Tried pulling it down more instead of swinging it. It works, but just a little. any tips on that?

thanks in advance!


you need to fall towards the catcher instead of KICKING your foot towards the catcher…

It will be hard to get out of any habits but that’s your main problem… when your leg gets up just fall towards the catcher and open up your hips slower… to much kick as you are coming down is why your foot is pointing towards first base… Just fall forward and use more of your back leg to push you towards the catcher instead of kicking your left foot at the catcher and your speed and control will get much better…

thats exactly what ive found out last practice and watching my video over and over again( and i mean like about 20x!)

Ill get a new vid up somewhere around wednesday. bullpen session then.

Allright , I didnt have a chance to get a vid since I was running late for practice :lol: .

I’m still stepping a little bit open. but its ±50% less than I did before. Also noticed that on my video I pull my ankle( stride leg ) During this bullpen I didnt do that, instead I did it the other way around. changing my center of gravity ofcourse. seems this also fixed that step to 1B a bit?

Also noticed an increase in velocity almost straight away. though, all up in the zone.

OK, Coach Baker, as usual, gave some good advice there. This often is a case of modifying your mental imagery of what you’re doing. Try thinking of 2 simple things and quiet the mind down a bit. Drive your front hip sideways right along that line Coach B told you scribe in the dirt. Then, very late, fire the back of your right shoulder toward the target to throw the ball. Just those 2 things. Works for some kids.