Got a question

would any body recommend that I get the book Nolan Ryan’s Pitcher’s Bible

I own it and refer to it quite often. One of the best for workout programs. I’d say it should be part of your library. Plus, you get the cool flip pages of Nolan’s delivery. :smiley:

thanks, any other comments about it from anyone

I LOVE IT, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT :lol: I refer to it a lot and I do a lot of his workouts. I really like this book, it was one of the first books that I picked up for my library and I never stop referring to it

Nolan Ryan’s Pitchers Bible is great. Most pitchers have it on there shelves. Some other baseball books worth reading:

Mental Game of Baseball
Mental ABC’s of Pitching
Pitch Like a Pro
The Science of Hitting (Ted Williams)
Saving the Pitcher
The Act of Pitching