Got a chance

Im headin to college and at this point only throw between 83-85. My pitching style is alot like Greg Maddux in which I change speeds alot, use location, and I have quite a bit of movement on my fastball…obviously not as good as Madduxs’ stuff but decent. So I was wondering if I have a chance of playing at a D1 school or beyond.

not without a breaking ball

considering your young you could probly gain about 5mph within your first to year

which should have you about 90 fast ball

and i dont think while your still in college it will go much faster then 92 if your lucky

i think your best bet is to devolp a good breaking ball properly maybe a pitching clinic or look around on google i think youll be able to play d1 with a good breaking ball and some work

good luck

I have a breaking ball…actually many of them I throw a curveball, changeup (which I do need to work on), a drop ball (which is a 12-6 cyrveball really…I dnt throw it that much) and a slider…I figure that since I lack speed the I need to have some good breaking stuff. How would u go about gaining 5 mph to your fastball though?

alot of practice really

its like when you were 14 and thorwing 60 and 18 and thorwing 80

your practiced and grew now there gonna be less growing and more practice

long toss is good thing i also think streching out will help you gain some speed

mechinics will help in college any coach will tell you if your wrong and how to correct it

but yea 5mph isnt much butt it makes ther diffrence from a coach saying

hes got a good 85 mph fast ball

or a nasty 90mph fastball

long toss and daily practice and steching wil get you there

good luck

Thanx alot I appreciate it

One more thing…which stretches do u recommend?

alotof basic stechs but real big help would be your hips here some hip strechs you can do to loosen your self up

some mite sound weird but they really help

lay on you back with your feet on the floor as if you were to do a sit up

take your right foot and place it on your left thih

grap your left leg hamsting and pull that in while leaning foward kind of like a sit up

hold that for about 15-20 seoncds and do it a couple of times

um pictures and alot of other good strechs for lower body can b e found here

all those hip ones are good

basic hamsting arm crossovers and calfs help too