Good year important?

how important is it to have a good year your senior year in HS to get into college

It’s important – but really your sophomore and junior years are most important in getting noticed (and thrown some scholarship money) by colleges.

That’s because the NCAA early signing period for baseball is in the late Fall of a player’s senior year in high school. That means, of course, the spring season isn’t even there yet. Coaches therefore rely on potential – and on what a player did sophomore and junior year. That’s all they have to go on.

BTW: most of the “scholarship money” college teams have to spend on players is spent in the fall, with whatever’s left over to sign “late bloomers” after or during the spring season.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself Steve. I will add some to it. At my school we just had a few players drafted therefore their scholarship money is now either given to players here who had surprising seasons or what happens alot is our coaches while recruiting may find some late bloomer who maybe finally put together a real good season so even though most of the universities and colleges have their guys locked up with commitments you still have a chance. I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge but if your college plans dont work out exactly how you want them a good route to look at is a JC (Junior College) cus they have guys for only a year or two anyways so they are always looking at kids to bring in, best of luck.

is middle school important? obviously scouts don’t watch those games but i didn’t make my middle school team, and next year i enter high school, and need to compete with 10th graders for the JV team. I’m small for my age though, and that’s why the coach basically told me he didn’t take me and he said i didn’t have enough power. I’m fast though, and have good, quick hands. I hope I still have a chance at going far in baseball.

Middle school is not important for college coaches or pro scouts to look at you. Ages 16 and 17 are the years where you want to have your most impressive showings as those are the ages where college coaches, especially, are doin their recruiting. Honestly I’ve said it a few times and I’ll say it again high school really isn’t all that important as far as colleges and in some cases even the pros. Colleges play during the same time as high school baseball so it would be almost impossible for them to do any recruiting during that time. Summer ball is when the college coaches are traveling aroudnt o various tournaments looking at potential players. Dont worry about the size if you’re good enough youll get your chance.

My advice is this. Find some sort of summer baseball where either the coach knows enough about baseball to really help you get the tools you need and or find a competitive league where the competition will get you better. Just keep working hard.