Good workout for a pitcher?

My friend and I have just started this workout, and are wondering if it’ll help us out with baseball. I’m a 16 year old 6’1 160 pitcher, and he’s a middle infielder. I know i need to gain weight (mostly muscle of course). I’m thinking if i do this workout, consume lots of calories from healthy foods, and drink protein shakes before and after workouts, I can gain some muscle. However, I’m not sure how much weight i want to gain. So i guess i have two questions. Is this a solid workout for baseball players, and if not what should we change about it? And approximately how much weight should i be looking to put on, and what’s the healthiest way to consume large amounts of calories? Well that may be 3 or 4 questions, but anyway if you have any answers for me that’d be great. Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to any replies. :smiley: and should help you.