Good workout for a 13 year old?

Bicycle- 5miles
Core exercises (sit-ups,crunches) 3 sets-10reps
Push-ups (start wide finish diamond) 2sets-10reps
Bicep/Triceps (curls and tricep dip) 2sets-10reps
JUGGS- 3lbs
Stretch- 10-15mins

Mon or Wed- long toss
Sun- bulpen about 25-40pitches

Sounds good for your age. If you do not see any of the results you are looking for I would recommend lower weight higher reps to exhaust the muscles and tone the muscles. Good for pitchers. Also you might over time want to add different or exchange excercises because you cannot do the same workouts all the time and expect to see results. Sounds good. You might want to shorten the bicycle ride to mabey 2-3 miles. Cycling ins’t really that helpful when it comes to pitching that much unless it’s tough terrain where your legs have to really work. If it is a flat surface you will not benifit as much if any, unless you are in poor physical shape.

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That is actually a pretty poor training split. Just being honest here.

Riding a bicycle for 5 miles? Doing intervals (30 seconds max effort, 1 minute slow, repeat) would probably help you out with conditioning better than long and slow training.

Core exercises are good, but situps and crunches arent really core exercises- they are ab exercises. Core would be Russian twists, med ball rotations, woodchoppers, etc. Also, using a swiss ball would help out your core training and give you more options.

Pushups are good, but you need more than 20 to have an effect. Go with 4 sets to failure to start with, then decide how many you can reasonably do. For example, I do around 4x25, with different styles of pushup. You can add in a medicine ball or swiss ball, elevate your feet, or do clap pushups to change it up now and then.

Tricep dips are solid gold, definitely use those (in fact, you get a gold star for listing that). Bicep curls are for the girls, as the saying goes. It builds beach muscle, not sport functional muscle. If you want to do them, I’d say one time a week, not any more than that.

Where is the leg work? No squats, no deadlifts, not even a leg press in here :? Thats what you need to add, even if you are just doing bodyweight squats. There are a ton of variations to the BW squat: jumping squats, one leg squats, squat thrust+jump (aka the burpee), bulgarian split squats, etc. Then there are calf raises, jumping rope to build the lower legs.

Stretching is good, but I would cut the stretching from the beginning of the workout and save it for the end. Do a warmup in the beginning- like jumping jacks, jogging in place, arm circles, anything to get the blood pumping.

Good Luck

Where are your leg exercises?

Do you like bicycle riding, or do you think maybe you could incorporate sprints into your training routine. I think you’ll see a greater benefit from performing sprints over cycling.

I don’t see the need for the bicep/tricep exercises.

Look into doing bw squats, lunges, etc…

Steve Ellis made mention of what he used to do, check out his post a couple of threads below this one.

But to tell you the truth, I never followed a training regimen at the age, and really didn’t start lifting, or anything of that nature till I was about 3 months past being 16, lol… I remember asking on here whether or not a mutlivitamin was safe to take, wow… Anways, I wish you the best of luck!

P.S. If you feel any pain from the tricep dips, scratch them out. I personally don’t do them while I’m throwing, but that’s just me.

Bicycling can be a very good leg excercise if you do it right. If you ride on rough terrain or ride at a fast pace steadly for an extended amount of time and get your heart over the target rate for conditioning, which I forget but I am positive it is different for everyone. You take a base number then add you age I think. But anyways you can make bicycling a good leg excercise if you traing properly. Also I have read somewhere it is good to stretch before and after you workout. Don’t know how much it would help to stretch after working out but it couldn’t hurt. Goodluck.

huh? It’s more important to stretch after working out, then to do it before hand.

Prior to a workout, I think one should focus on getting there blood pumping, hence why I like to do my body weight exercises during that time. BW squats, lunges, maybe work on my mechanics, then go workout. I do, however, do some very light stretching, but there’s much greater benefit to stretching after a workout, then there is to stretch before a workout, imo.

I’ll find some articles and post them on here.

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but prior to my workout I like to do some light interval training on the treadmill varying my speed from walking-jogging-sprinting, etc to get my heart rate up, and then towards the end of my run I do sort of a lunge type movement when I’m walking to stretch out my legs a little bit-hope that makes sense. If not, huh… It works for me anyways… lol

If you stretch before a workout the muscles are cold, thus leading to more injuries. Also, when you stretch you are taking the muscle and forcing it to relax (which is why it goes from tight to loose). This is good to increase the elasticity and flexibility of a muscle, but it lowers the muscles ability to contract with max force.

Warmups get the blood moving, the muscles get a chance to warm up and prepare for activity. You are contracting and relaxing in a natural way- you dont force anything- so the muscle is able to contract powerfully during the exercise. After you are done lifting, the muscles are still warm, so it’s the perfect time to stretch. It increases your flexibility, muscle elasticity, and whatnot. And you dont need to worry about the side effects of the “loose” muscle tissue.

The bicycle issue is also not true. I think you are trying to refer to max heart rate (which is rough 220- your age, there are other formulas). The Anaerobic zone is 80-90% of your MHR, the aerobic zone is 70-80%.

Anaerobic training would be things like sprinting, weight lifting, pitching, etc. Short and explosive activities that burn glycogen and cause lactic buildup in the muscles (like a pitcher gets).

Aerobic training is for endurance building. It improves cardio and respiratory systems. This is an important element to overall athleticism, but it is not the most important thing.

Riding a bike long distance is aerobic. It will not help you throw a baseball harder. Short sprints on a bike would help your anaerobic conditioning- this is something that should be in a routine. It is not a muscle building activity, it is conditioning.

If you would like to check this stuff out for yourself, Ross Enamait’s books are good for no-nonsense style training. I pull alot of my info, including the stuff in this post, from his book The Underground Guide to Warrior Fitness, which is no longer in print. Check out

for his books.

There is also some stuff floating around from some of the old Soviet strength trainers. It has all the scientific justifications for the ways that I have been advocating here. Look up Zatiorsky, Vershansky, and others.
Here is a good basics article from T-nation:

Let me know if you have any other questions…

P.S. Barber, have you tried decreasing the ROM on your dips?

kc86 you are right when it comes to saying not to stretch before a workout because the muscles are cold. I agree. That’s what I was trying to say above. Before a workout I would recommend not stretching and warm-ups, light sets medimum amount of reps, to get the blood flowing to that part of the body. Then maximum effort can be applied without pulling a muscle. Just think of it like pitching, what do you do before you go out there and just start throwing 100%, you warm-up, by throwing lightly in a repititive manner for 10-15 minutes to get blood flowing. Then you are safely able to throw full strength. If you want to increase elasticity, I suggest you do it after a particular workout. (EX) If you do curls, stretch the arm. And so on.

My range of motion is fine; I just find that I’m a little more loose when I’m throwing if I don’t do them. I also seem to recover a bit easier, but I’ll experiment again this offseason/inseason to see how my arm reacts.

It’s a great exercise, but if he’s not used to it, it may effect his throwing/recovery at the moment. I guess it depends on the person; my shoulders feel fine while I do them, and in actuality, I find the exercise strengthens my shoulders, but that’s not always the case for all individuals.

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Here is a good website. Like I said depending on what type of biking it can be benificial or pointless. Depends on what type of terrain and how hard you are working. As far as stretching it is not necessary according to this article.

Baseball is a sport of a burst of energy for certain “short” periods of time. Like hitting, short. Pitching, short. Running, short. So you want to do exercises that will produce power not bulk. Sprints are extreamly good. This is a good speed building excercise, sprint for 20 sec then jog for 50 sec. And do this without stopping for about 5min. Take a 3 min break and then do 1 more set. Can really build up speed. I run a 5.0 sec 40yd. Which is pretty good. I steal a healthy amount of bases each year.

Take a look at this article where the list of 10 things that is listed about what not to have in a baseball exercise and what to have enough of.

That site is basically just a copy of the Soviet periodization style of training. That guy uses different words, but it is essentially the same thing (nothing wrong with that, but you can get it free). Here is an article that synthesizes the Soviet authors:

I had the same thing when I started doing dips. My shoulders hurt like hell. Then I switched it up and didnt go down nearly as deep. It cleared up some of the problems for a little while, then I would go progressively further down. I havent done dips in a while, and I miss doing them. :frowning: I’m going to start a hardcore lifting schedule after finals- doing lots of functional training stuff, grip training- stuff I havent tried yet. Should be lots of fun.

Good site. I just found what looked good to me. I am also on a light baseball exercise program, which will pick up here in a week or so. I have been doing light weight work bit of jogging to keep my legs from getting sore the first day I do any sprinting and to keep my lungs clear. I have been on a regular of doing crunches. Varying them between 3 different types. They all work great. Along with my light workout regimine I have been throwing every other day 35-50 pitches, practicing mechanics and my repitoire pitches. It is coming along great. Once I pick up my regular workout I will pitch every two days 60-75 pitches. Just figured I would share what I am doing with you guys. Oh and by the way shoulder shrugs are good for protecting the shoulder while pitching.

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