Good Weighted ball program

I am a freshman lefthanded pitcher at Butler University, a division one school in Indianapolis. I currently pitch in the 82-85 range, topping out at 87. I command three pitches very well, and I think that if I can add a few MPH I have a legitimate shot to get drafted in a few years. I am looking for a program that can help me add 3-5 MPH. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Webball has a weighted ball program, link

I have heard somewhere not to use weighted balls. false? or just with precaution…

Well, it is an area of debate for sure. There are people that believe weighted balls cause injury. That’s not 100% true. Weighted balls can amplify mechanical problems, which is why having a good instructor or coach present when throwing. Also, you dont want to start too quickly, throwing with a ball that is too heavy.

I have personally seen programs like this add big time velocity and movement. If you stay on top of mechanics, accuracy will also increase.

I think you are barking up the wrong tree.

I think you are far more likely to benefit from mechanical tweaks and from increasing the strength and flexibility of your core than you to benefit from a weighted ball program. This is because the key source of a pitcher’s power (e.g. 80%) is the properly sequenced rotation of the hips, torso, and shoulders.

No weighted ball program will help you work on that.

If you want to consider this approach, then the idea is to get your hips rotating well before your shoulders. That stretches the muscles of the torso which enables them to powerfully pull the shoulders around.

I think the risk of injury increases as the weight increases.

If you try to throw a 2lb ball (as is discussed on the WebBall page) using flawed mechanics, then you would significantly increase the risk that you would injure yourself.

HI…we used a program during our conditioning (I’m a junior at Shelbyville Central High School) which included a 4oz.,5oz., and 6oz. ball…i can’t remember the exact name of the company at this time; but there’s a whole routine that we would go through and if you follow it religiously it can add 8-10% of your speed to your fastball…it gave me about 7mph on mine. I’ll get the name from my coach if you’d like it. Hope this helps. Have a good one.

Chris, you can also injure yourself throwing a regulation ball with flawed mechanics, so I don’t really see your point. I am not advocating going out by yourself and using weighted baseballs. I actually stated " Weighted balls can amplify mechanical problems, which is why having a good instructor or coach present when throwing."

If you throw using proper mechanics, the chance of injury should not be any higher than normal. Only the “elite program” listed on that site uses the 2 lb. ball by the way.