Good velocity in high school?

What would be avg to good velocity going into your junior year?

76-78 would be a good range. I’m a bit behind. I live at 68-70 going into my junior year, but I have some mechanical problems to fix. Along with my running/weight liftin regiment I should get up to 75 by the team the season starts. Would’ve loved to be at 80, but unless I find a place where I can throw inside I don’t think I’ll get there.

Do you know anyone that has a warehouse? There is a guy in my area that converted an old warehouse into a batting cage with a couple pitching mounds. The place is perfect in fall, winter, and spring :smiley:

I wish. I could go to the indoor batting cages but they are only 45ft long, and you can’t throw unless there’s nobody else there (only 2 cages).

what would be good velo going int freshman year i throw low to miud 70’s

Low to mid 70’s is very good for a freshman. As a freshman I threw mid 60’s and about 70 at the end of this past season (sophmore). i made a mechanical change and now I’m in the mid 70’s and hope to be up around 80 by next spring.

I am going into my junior year at about 80-84. but I am also 6’5

[quote=“sidearmer05”]What would be avg to good velocity going into your junior year?[/quote]goin into my junior year i was throwing 85, which is about average i think, now im throwin upper 80’s, anywhere in the 80s is good

i was told it was different if u throw sidearm u r consedered in the lefty velocity range

im going into my sophmore year and i throw 85

im goin into my sompmore year and i throw 83

i think velocity is all about mechanics and how hard you rotate your ab muscles when you whip your arm around to throw

It’s also about the power your can derive from your legs, shoulder, forward momentum, and even your glove side arm. Mixed in with good mechanics, and a strong core you’re all set.

well im a junior, but should be a sophomore cuz i dont turn 16 until this november… i started school early when i was young. I throw about 83-85

like i said before i throw side-arm so my velocityis lower than most guys who throw over-hand, my velocity is 79-80 now w/ plus movement, a 70-72mph change,and a 60-64mph breaking ball

i am going into my freshman year and i throw about 77. is that a good speed and what do you guys do in the off season???

thats good speed for a freshman-im a freshmen and throw in the high 70’s , if you can locate it well you’ll be good, I mainly use curve’s though.

probally a dumb question but i always read about working out your core can some one give some examples of workouts to do for ur core and what is ur core exactly

Your core is essentially your abdomen and lower back. Yes as a pitcher you want a strong, and flexible core, to create tension, and then explode.

Here’s an example of a basic core exercise courtesy of the resident training expert Mike Griffen:

I would suggest posting in the training section so that more people will see it. Some people are more knowledgable about training than other aspects so they mostly post in the training section, and may miss your question in another section.

yea i just got lazy and when i read the core part i figured well there on that topic lets find more but thank u for ur help the sight im hoping is going to be very helpful when i start this workout