Good velocity for a sidearmer?

I’m 16 and going to be a juinor,i throw sidearm and consisently hit 78-79,w/ a very slow curve about 60 to 62 mph on the gun is this good and am i on a good pace?

Im not too positive but sidearmers seem to have a like advantage lefties have. For example many top D1 schools look at righties throwing 87-88 and a lefty can be viewed almost as high while throwing 85.

Also look at a guy like Mike Meyers a lefty submariner in the pros who throws 82-83 which is very slow compared to the rest but he can get away with it because his ball moves and its a tough angle for lefties to hit from.

I would say to keep it in perspective as a siderarmer throwing around 80 i would say thats pretty impressive. The big thing people will look for with you is the movement and possibly the deception. I heard this because a school i played this spring had a siderarmer who was 87-89 and he was drafted very high and one of the big reasons was not just his velocity but how deceptive his arm action was. Hope this helps.

thanx that helps

are you throwing sidearm or closer to submarine (like Chad Bradford) ?

Your fastball speed is fine, and the fact that your curveball is 10+MPH slower is helpful. You may want to add a changeup that is also 10+ MPH slower.

sidearm,i working on my change but i cant consistently throw it for strikes yet, but im getting close

i also throw sidearm and im going to be a freshman in college next year. For your age low to mid 70’s is good, especially if your fastball has good movement. Add that to your natural deception as a sidearm pitcher and you can be very effective. As a junior last year i threw 80-83 with very good movement on my fastball and i threw a good breaking curveball. Don’t worry about velocity right now, concentrate on strengtening the elbow and preventing an elbow injury. During my senior year, this past school year i had tendinitis in the elbow due to my sidearm throwing and my velocity, control and movement was reduced. Once again, if your fastball has good bite to it you shouldn’t worry about the velocity right now. Just concentrate on strengtening the elbow and preventing an injury because sidearm throwing impacts the elbow more than the rotator cuff. I threw high seventies as a sophmore in high school, and in my junior year I threw low 80’s so yes you are on a good pace.

Honestly, how bout scarpping the side arm crap? :?

Ive tried over the top and 3/4 its not as fast, less movement, less accuracy,and there is some pain or soreness

Wow what is your problem? He has his own style, get over it.

Hey its like Kruk said last night about Joel Zumaya who hit 103 on a gun in Oakland 2 weeks back * yes i know staduim guns give a little bit but still* He said at 103 it doesnt matter if you throw sidearm, underhand, left handed, or right handed or ever between your legs, if you get people out stick with it.

Wes Roemer (ace pitcher on the Cal State Fullerton staff) is a good example of how sidearm pitchers sometimes slip through the cracks. The guy throws anywhere from 86-91, but his stuff is downright filthy. The coaching staff passed him by originally, but they gave a second look after Mike Lamb’s dad (Lamb is in the majors, and is a grad of CSF) umpired one of Roemer’s games. It might take you a while for the colleges to find you, but if you are a good pitcher, they will.

I usually strike people out or get an infield fly ball, no one has really hit , its just the walks that kill me sometimes, when im good Im really good, but when Im bad Im bad but im getting better

My son played on his Varsity high school team He was their conference starter as a freshman. He’s not the fastest pitcher , but it’s hard for people to hit him. If they do it’s popups and ground balls. He is a natural sidearm pitcher. I’ve had so many tell me he needed to throw from over top. You really need to get him out of that sidearm crap. then I’ve had people tell me not to change anything. As of right now , he’s pitched many many games, we have always made sure he’s had his rest days. We haven’t had any issues with his arm. He has a few different pitches and his fast ball is about 75 or so this year, it moves pretty good as well. The thing is with him, we never worried about speed, I made sure we got his accuracy down before we even started with speed. He can hit his spots just about 99% of the time. He ERA is .072 . He works on his pitching all the time, I say keep going with the way you pitch , and start working on accuracy and the rest will come.

The hardest any pro side-armed throws is about 92 (full). Anywhere around 80 is pretty good, most pros are around 85.