Good to throw everyday or Not (Steve?)

Steve-I read a post where you told a kid you dont want to throw everyday. You compared it to like weight lifting where your constantly tearing down muscles and never letting them build back up. (Granted, this kid was throwing over 200 pitches a day.) Then you commented on what you did for long toss and you said you “did both airing it and putting it on a straight line, the key is to throw throw throw.” Then i just started Tuff Cuff and its got the 90 and 60 day programs, where you dont throw everyday but build up or whatever. So which is it, throw everyday or not? And also what if your season is longer than 90 days out, just dont throw at all? (Other than mechanical fixes?)

There are so many different points of view regarding everyday throwing that they would fill up an hour on a TV show with no trouble at all.
Many pitching coaches, like Ed Lopat, Johnny Sain and Leo Mazzone, advocate throwing every day. It might be just playing catch for fifteen minutes or so, or it might be doing a bullpen session where one can address a mechanical problem or work on a pitch. But what’s important about this is that it keeps the arm loose and flexible, and when you have that you have a better chance of avoiding injury. In fact, in a recent interview on the MLB Network the great Bob Feller complained that nowadays most pitchers don’t throw nearly enough!

Alright thanks. I agree w that theres a ton of different oppinions on it, I think that aslong as your not going in there an lightin it up everyday, throwing almost everyday is good.

Also. I just started religiously throwing bout 2 weeks ago and I got some tendonitis in the elbow. Ive just been throwin through it, and its been getting a little better each time but its still tendonitis. Ive looked online and asked ppl what to do. Basically all i hear is rest and ice. Any advice for that? Thanks

I thinks it good to throw everyday as long as your not overdoing it. It doesnt have to be super long just like 20 minutes or 15minutes.

I would encourage you to throw everyday, if you can.
Doesn’t have to be a certain amount of time, a certain number of pitches.
Just keeps your arm loose, flexible, and in condition for pitching.
You probably want to have some certain times though when you throw a certain number of pitches, just to work on improving them (doesn’t have to be every day, just often enough to not lose the feel for the pitches).
I’ve noticed that I have to be careful about how much I throw
after I haven’t thrown for a while.
My arm will be sore if I throw too much after not throwing for a few days (or a few months- say winter break, or the off-seaon).