Good tips?

does anybody know any good tips on how to become a better pitcher?

That’s a very broad question. So here’s a very broad answer. To be a good pitcher requires good mechanics, proper conditioning, and knowing how to pitch.

I meant are there any tips on how to make my pitches more accurate. that is my only problem. when i throw they are either high, low or off to the side.

Roger’s right. It is a vey braod question. Regarding control, you need a stable base, repeatable mechanics and plenty of practice pitching to specific targets in the same environment you will be in games, on a mound from the correct distance and with the same intensity. Change any of these appreciably and your practice will not be as effective with respect to location.

So you are saying i need to practice on what i am going to be playing on so i will get used to it?

Yes. That’s pretty much it. If you want to get better at a very specific skill, practice that.