Good Speed/Accuracy?

I am a 13 year old pitcher. We pitch from around 45’. I went to a baseball game and tried test your speed. It was from around 42’ and with no mound (on flat ground), I wasn’t warm or any other variables you can think of. Here’s what happened:

Throw 1). 47 MPH, right in the bulls-eye (middle)

Throw 2). 50 MPH, a little to the left (from pitchers view) of the bulls-eye.

Throw 3). 50 MPH (I guess correctly and won beads.), and same as above.

Is this information correct? Also what could I do to improve my accuracy or velocity (if I need to)?

Also I’m 5’9"ish and about 115

I don’t know how accurate those things are. One year I hit 137mph LOL, and the next couldn’t break 40. Funny gadgets. But I know what I really throw is 68-70mph and I was gunned at my pitching lesson.

Ok then what should I throw for my age (13)


well im 13 and throw 71-74 but the average speed that i see for 13 is 60-65

60-75? There isn’t a set velocity that you “should” throw. There were a lot of guys that threw 70+ when they were 13, but they grooved it in the middle. They moved up to 60’ mound and got shelled.

Do a search on velocity if you want to see what the average for your age is. It has been posted here many times.

OK b/c my coach says I dont throw very hard so. and I just turned 13

It dosent matter if your throw hard, as long as its over 50. Throw strikes and you will be competitive. Im a freshman in highschool, and in the JV level all our pitchers ( myself included) throw right around 65-70. Not incredible, but we throw strikes. Speed does not matter, as long as its accurate, if you can throw 55 and hit the inside corner at the batters knees every time you’ll do some damage. Accuracy before speed. And if it concerns you, you can take velocity increasing courses or workouts or something in the off season.

u say u pitch from 45’? i’m 13 and we pitch from about 54’

im 13 and i throw around 72- 76, but 4 13 u should throw on average like 57 to 65

when i was in little league i threw 70-78 so u might be a little under average for your age but you should definetely work on it in the offseason

I’m 13 and I throw in the low 70’s, I don’t have as much success as the breaking ball pitchers that dont throw as hard but later I will. Practice throwing as hard as you can when pitching in the offseason and make adjustments with your stride foot to increase accuracy. If you are throwing high then make the stride longer and if you are throwing low make the stride shorter and you can increase both at the same time. Accuracy is the most important but good form and throwing harder and you will throw more strikes.