Good routine for recovery after a game?

For me I’m thinking of running a few sprints doing some band work and taking a contrast shower.

Let me know if this sounds good or if I should adjust this.

As a HS pitching coach I always have my players run distance the day after an outing. 20 minutes or so. 2 days after do your agility drills such as jump rope, shuttles, etc. after that you should be good to go. Gets all that Lactic acid outta the arm. My players have never dealt with a mass amount of soreness after and outing when doing those 2 recovery workouts (knock on wood). Good luck.

Just saw this get bumped, I think a few poles right after is good, I like to ice my elbow for 15 minutes and whole arm for 20 minutes when I get home and run around 2 miles the following day for about 20 minutes the day after or maybe the next 2 days if I have a long outing/

Here are some suggestions and routines I have my pitchers follow

  1. Cardio: Lite sprints because they help break up lactic acid that has built up in the body - 5 minutes.
  2. Mobility Exercises: Go through your full dynamic warm-up after you throw
  3. Arm Band Recovery Routine
  4. Post-Throwing Stretches: sleeper stretch, tricep stretch, wrist stretch, scap stretch, lunges, and hip/knee stretches
  5. Some people choose to ice. My son loves it, but new evidence is telling us that icing is unnecessary because it can be counter productive to the recovery process. This decision is totally up to you.
  6. Eat some good carbs and good source of protein within 30-40 minutes of pitching
  7. Drink a lot of water
  8. Get plenty of rest