good repetoire?

13 year old 60ft 6in goin into 8th
All estimates in MPH im goin to be getting a Bushnell Radar Gun shortly.
4 seamer(main)- 52-58 MPH
2 seamer(throw maybe 1 per outing) 50-54 MPH
Palm-change(main) 40-45 MPH
Curve(throw 2-5times per outing) 42-48

from that distance for your age is probably average from what i have seen in the past, i was toping out at 65 at that age but any way velocity for your age isnt really that important it is good but just as long as you can locate your pitches and change speeds you will be fine, as far as your pitching repetoire i would drop the curve and just work on spotting your fastball and chang-up

Average fastball speed for a 13 year old is 60 mph.

To find out the average pitching speed for your age take your age multiplied by 4.3, this is not a solid method but it gives close enough estimates.

Do not focus on your speed as much. Speed is what gets you noticed, but upsetting timing, location, and control is what gets you the better record and be a better pitcher.

Are you a left handed pitcher or a right handed pitcher? How good is your pickoff move? Look at kenny rogers for detroit tigers, he is a left handed pitcher that isn’t fast at all but he made the all star game and has an excellent pick-off move. Pick-off moves are not nearly as important as the actual pitching but if you are a good pitcher and have a excellent pick off move that will be something scouts might look at.

To increase your speed, you should focus on mechanics more than anything and practicing those mechanics.

Your stide should be 75% of your height or more, this alone will jump your velocity, but you have to get used to it at first. Also, your hips should rotate before shoulders, and when you follow through your leg should be up in the air. You’d be suprised how much mechanics improve your velocity.

Since next year you will be competeing for freshmen team i highly reccomend you work on your velocity, velocity is not everything to pitching but it seems that at your age it is something coaches really look at.