Good pitching velocity for age groups?

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just wanna know everyones thoughts


Key components of a fastball:

then Velocity

Good grief, It makes me hate the invention of the jugs gun.

The Cincinnati Reds in the recent years have proved that just because you throw 95 mph does not mean you will have success as a pitcher. The first thing that new general manager Wayne Krivesky did was loose about 6 “power arms” that threw in thew mid-90’s and replace them with guys that had command of their pitches. The results have been dramatic (now if they could only hit the ball).

The table seems a little skewed to the top end. There are not many who are going to throw 100. Ian

yeah–i agree with you Ian. i was just guessing(in English class :lol: ) Im not too familiar with above 80 cause in JV you dont get much over 80 mph.

Remember that Sandy Koufax had to slow down to be effective.

Throwing hard will get you into the Majors though. Bobby Jenks was drafted by the Angels and was an alcoholic for a long time. He showed up to team functions drunk numerous times, but they kept him around because he could light up the gun at 100+. I am guessing he cleaned up his act in Chicago, but he really hasn’t been too effective for the Sox this year.

i agree with the steps to the fastball but i made this because, lets face it…aside from command, movement is not the easiest thing to get on your fastball (great movement at least) so then u got to go to velocity.

I am not sure it is easier to get more velocity rather than get more movement on the baseball. Ian.

well id appreciate it if you would post it on this thread then cuz i dont know how to do it for a fastball

I gues the first thing I would do is take a good hard look at myself and see what my strengths were as a pitcher. Is my velocity great? If so, I would keep the 4 seam fastball and through it for strikes. If you are throwing from the straight over hand slot you realize that this pitch is not going to have much movement unless you have been blessed with that.

If your velocity is not overpowering, I would only throw the 4 seam fastball as a “show it to em” pitch high out of the strike zone.

Now we are into the realm of 2 seam fastballs. By varying finger pressure, index finger to make it move in to a right handed batter (from a right handed pitcher), middle finger to make it sail away. I found this better with more of a stiff wrist cocked all the way back. You have to experiment a little.

Then you get into the realm of turning the ball over which will make the ball move more.

If you are throwing from 3/4’s the split seam fastball is a good way to make the ball move. If found it bast to also give it a little screwgy action.
This will reduce the velocity of you fastball though.

Hope this helps a little let me know, Ian.