Good pitching net or rebound?

Hey guys, I’m looking into buying a decent pitching net or rebound I was wondering if anyone has ever used any that they were happy with. I’m looking for one the can fold up small enough that it can be stored in the back of an SUV. I currently have a jugs net thats pretty difficult to fold up correctly but once its folded its very easy to carry around and fits nicely, but it has a terrible strike zone, just a red fabric square frame that hangs down from the top, blows around every time the wind blows the least bit, I’m not happy with it at all. It also has to be capable of handling 90+ mph without like falling over or breaking.

I think I’m leaning towards a rebound that way I don’t have to keep walking over and getting the balls out of the net every so many pitches, so has anyone used any good rebounds? Though I’m leaning towards a rebound if you know of a good net or any other method I can use to pitch off a mound to a strike zone without a catcher please share.

Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

We have an outstanding Wilson net, folds into a circle…real portable…I think we got it from BBExpress, he pitches into it, sets and hits with the tee…deep net catches the balls so it’s handy if you have a bucket-o-balls…but with a rebound you have to chase balls all over the place.

ooo i c what your saying, rebounds seem to bounce back pretty erratically?|0/N/36+1100061+33/Nty/1/categoryId/1100061/view/38/

I just went to baseball express and I don’t believe they have any Wilson nets? Is the net you have pretty sturdy? Like it probably wont fall over or anything? Also does it have a good target to throw into? Thanks for the reply btw…

Has anyone else used any good sturdy portable nets that have good targets?

Sorry Velo…It’s an Easton Net here’s one they have

Ours looks like this (The Jugs Instant Screen)|0/

I just had to get off of my butt and go look in the barn to see (Lazy know it all old men sometimes need to verify)…the bucket-o-balls was Wilson…got a great deal on them. The things work great and are stable (They have pins to hold them in the ground