Good pitches to add to my game?

I’m a 14 year old lefty and hit 77 on my fastball.
I currently have just a 4 seam with natural glove side tail, 2 seam, and a change up. currently I only need these pitches as most guys in my league can’t catch up to my fastball very well. I’m moving in to a new league next year though where I’m going to be one of the youngest in the whole league (my birthday is 2 days before the cutoff) I’m assuming these older guys are going to be much more cabable and will be able to hit my fastball, so what breaking balls should I add to my arsenal?

A lefty with good arm side run and a slider that goes glove side is a sought after commodity. Just make sure to get your fingers out in front of the ball to give it depth.

Knuckle Curveball

Or you could give The Spiked Curveball a try…

Yes, you would definitely need some kind of breaking ball. Especially because you are a lefty, a slider would be a really nice pitch to add to your rotation of pitches. Because you will be playing with older players, a good breaking pitch is essential to do well. If I were you, I would learn to throw a really nice slider. If you could learn to throw it well, it would help a lot. Hope this helps