Good or not

just wondering if these plyometric drills are good or not.

They seem really good. I was also wondering when should i do these. Like every monday, wednesday, and friday or what.

nice video i enjoyed

Allow me to relate a story about plyometrics to you.

For years, I had been a very good pitcher/hitter in a 25+ league here in Arizona. Had worked out consistently for 20 years in the gym and had good strength.

Then one day I decided to hire a professional trainer to see what he could do for me. His emphasis was on explosive training due to the fact that baseball was my sport. Much of what was on the video we consistently used along with a variety of explosive weight work.

I did my workouts with this guy 3x per week for 1 year. I started in the Fall and by next Spring, my performance went nuts. I went from a good pitcher to spectacular, averaging between 1-2 strikeouts per inning! The plyometric training is invaluable and I would recommend doing it 3 x per week while weight training two other days. You hit on something really valuable here - use it!

Nice stuff. There are tons of variations of this stuff in TUFFCUFF. Add some med-ball work, too, and you’re on your way!

good video