Good news from the Undersized camp

I have expressed my disappointment with the way scouting has gone for me the past year, and from my “Politics of Baseball - Some Standards of Note” it is pretty obvious that I am not happy with the way that scouts have viewed my size as a hindrance to perform well at the next level.

If you haven’t read previously, I am a 5’11 RHP, I pitch at a mid level DI school and I throw in the 88-90 range.

So I have been approached by scouts and as I have said before usually the first thing I am asked is how tall I am. A few words come out of the scouts mouths when they talk to me “Unprojectable” and “Undersized.” So it came as no surprise when I went undrafted as a junior last season.

The MAIN subject of this post

I got a phone call the other day from a 20 something digit number. It was the coach of the Greek National Baseball team. I was selected as one of the few Greek Americans to play for this team.

This means regardless of what happens after this senior season I have somewhere to play after college is over.

This is the tournament I will be competing in. I am very excited to represent my country in this tournament.

After the tournament if I have no where else to play I have also been asked to stay and play professionally overseas.

I have a LOVE for the game of baseball and I would do anything to continue to play at a high level and this was exactly the news I wanted to hear.

News to all you younger guys - If you want it bad enough and you work hard enough, it doesn’t matter what obstacles are in your way you can make it happen…

Who knows what other opportunities this will lead to.[/u]

Wow that’s cool. 8)

Congrats kid :applaud:

Good stuff, maybe you’ll get a chance to play in the World Baseball Classic here in a couple of years.

I don’t think the Greek team ever competes in the WBC but that would deff open doors to other opportunities.

Congrats, keep working hard. The first door that opens can always lead to others.

I’m really happy for you undersized

The man who taught me the majority of things I know about coaching was the HC of their last Olympic team (Dusty Rhodes from UNF) :smiley: Small world…
Really proud and happy to see ya made a pathway…shows what love of the sport means. As I said on the thread about limitations…never let the “conventional wisdom” get in your way.

Great news.


This sport has taken on an international flavor big time. Your playing career can extend into the coaching ranks as a HC or as a specialist.

The professional side of this sport has excellent income possibilities for a person who is willing to travel and live from contract to contract. Some of the up and coming markets are not here in the States, but overseas in the warmer climates.

Pay particular attention to the development of China and the Asian markets for your skills. Playing and providing services for your country are great, but in the professional game, it’s about the money - mom, apple pie and Mount Rushmore come later.

If your going to accept a contract to play, coach, or provide services to a club or organization in another country, start looking around for an attorney who has contacts in that country and that understands international codes of business, POE (port of entry) regulations, passport and health (shots) restrictions, labor relations *** that’s a biggie***, and a ton of other things that will definitely cause you concern later on.

If you’re going to play or provide services outside of the US, your not protected my ANY laws here, nor does the US Consulate really care one way or the other - believe me you’re on your own.

I don’t mean to take the enjoyment and anticipation out of your experience - but I’ve had experience with overseas contacts and players that I’ve coached, and all but a few did not pay attention to what I’m telling your here. So, start a check list with your attorney of the things that you want to protect yourself with. Consider some of these:

  • Prepaid travel expenses to include meals and accommodations - WITH RESERVATION CONFIRMATIONS IN WRITING.
  • Formal written contract of your services to be provide with an exact start and stop date and … TIME.
  • Specifically stating under what laws is this contract governed by - nation wise, province, county, trade association, governing board of ministers, union impacts, and so on.
  • A full disclosure of the organization that is contracting you - board of directors, governing bodies, managers, ownership - past and present, date of incorporation - and type of business entity, limited liability impacts, and are you considered an independent contractor not an employee ** big impact on your here.

Now here’s the things that all players like yourself overlook when being contacted by someone:
-Why would a person be looking at you, thousands of miles away, when there’s plenty of talent, just as good as you are, right in their own backyard? Or, have they - along with you, done their shopping and then will decide to discard one or more of you later on?

  • Does the person(s) who contacted you do this for a living? How long? How did they get into this line of work? What connection do they have with the people that are looking for players or people to provide services?

Ask these two questions right off the bat and sit back and listen to the reasonableness of the answers. Be discreet and respectful - after all this is business. Any balk by the person(s) that your asking should warrant a concern deeper. Hence, a good attorney that understands this business and the country that your looking at. Oh, by the way - being contacted by a guy from Honduras for a club in Greece is not out of the picture, but it should start you thinking … how come? Need a further explanation on that one, let me know.

There’s lot of other subjects that I could cover, but for now, possibly these things that I’ve mention may have something for you to think about.

Please don’t think that I’m trying to discourage you - no way. I sincerely wish you the very best. Welcome to the business.

Coach B.