Good mechanics the way to go

I see a lot of people asking questions about how many swings a day or
hitting a heavy bag or what size weight on the bat. Here is the thing to
Bat speed is the result of good balance, good mechanics , and the right
size bat for you … What does this mean? (what feels good for you).
It is okay to swing 30 minutes a day, but what is the goal? What are you working on? Is it balance, or working on being fluid?

Just remember when doing these drills, i,e, hitting into a bag, or 30 minutes a day, it’s okay, just make sure you maintain good mechanics and not develop bad habits… Keep hitting!!!

I agree completely, counter productive mechanics do more harm than good to practice. Great insight, of course I should expect that from an MLBer.

Just a question, what type of swing mechanics did you use? Rotational is what I expect but I was wondering if you used linear or extension instead.

Hi- when referring to rotational hitting , I can only guess you are referring to good rotation at the plate. My belief is simple, you MUST have great balance. By having great balance, you allow yourself to have great rotation because you are NOT drifting forward. Bat speed is generated by having great balance and great rotation. You should be able to imagine a pole going straight down through your body with you rotating around that. What does this mean? When you stride, you should be able to stop your swing, still remain perfectly balanced, wait, and hit the ball the otherway. This is when you know you are in rhythm and good balance. If you watch Bonds, or tony gwynn, you will see they have perfect balance. Bonds is a really good example…Watch his balance from the side when he strides, his weight does not shift until he makes contact and when his front foot lands, he still has weight on backside and perfect balance. He could sit there all day in that position.
Hope this helps… you can visit my website for more drills and hitting info. I am constantly updating and will add good videos in the near future…

Right, I see what you mean, I’ll have to take a look at your site.

Another question and this just for my personal style of pitching and trying to get a batters perspective. Did you ever bat against a knuckleballer and if so do you remember it well enough to give me feedback on what you think of trying to hit knucks. I was thinking maybe considering the period you played in maybe you ran into one of the Niekro bros. or Charlie Hough.

Yes- I ran into several, both facing them and catching. I have caught Charlie Hough on the side, and also Phil Niekro in the bullpen. An honor and also a challenge. As far as catching them, as a catcher you have to keep your glove centered on your body and move your body to the ball with your glove centered and NOT reach for the ball. Let it come to you, otherwise, when you reach for it, you will find it won’t be there…By keeping the glove centered to your body, if you miss it or it deflects off the glove, you still have a chance of keeping it in front of you…
From an offensive point of view, you have to wait on it and try not to pull the ball. Same principle, wait, wait, and be short to the ball trying to just drive it up the middle. If you overswing, you have no chance… It is a challenge, especially when facing a good one…
Hope this helps… :smiley:

Sounds like what I have to tell my catcher. lol.

Yeah I have pretty good knowledge of the knuck, I just know some people think it’s frustrating to hit/catch and some find it a cinch, the person I throw with all the time can catch and hit it only because he’s been taking BP from me for 5 years straight. I know the kid who is actually the catcher doesn’t like me being on the mound because he can’t catch it. Like you said, if you see it enough times it teaches you to wait.