Good luck - bad luck

Ball players are some of the most superstitious people on the planet.

Do you have any thing, you know little quirks that you do or won’t do?

Here’s one – no one talks to a pitcher in the dugout, inning after inning, when he’s throwing a perfect game.

Coach B.

You know in all the years I played I never kept one superstition all the way through.

I remember in HS for a few years I used to keep a penny in my left shoe, I don’t even remember the reasoning behind it.

After that I’d always take a nap on the way to the ball park whenever my Dad drove to the yard.

In College I would always watch Tom and Jerry before I went to practice, but nothing fof game day.

When I played Pro I didn’t do anything, I had my routine but nothing that was superstitious.

In high school I had a necklace me and a friend would rub on our bats before hitting. It was all in our heads but we both had one heck of a hitting streak that season.