Good Long Toss Program for strength and endurance

Can anybody supply me with a good in-season and off-season long toss program because I really need one. Thanks!!!

i will give u the 1 that helped me increase my velocity and throw the ball 200 ft. further in 1 year

2 times a week go and long toss but dont try to over throw focus on mechanics and keep the ball on a line under 4ft. it dosn't have to go far just use the right form and dont try to launch it and u will see a huge improvment, i did.

Can you tell me like how far back and how long?

i would throw inbetween 100 and 300 ft starting short and going gradually go lond and then finish coming back in just tossing the whole thing should just take inbetween 15-30 minutes depending on how your arm feels

if your JUST starting long toss I wouldn’t go beyond 120ft or 150ft the first few sessions…and I’d crow hop after 120

I agree on two times per week

No, it isnt the first time i have long tossed. I long toss before every game to get loose.