Good glove for 12-year-old pitcher?

My son is 12 and needs a new glove. I have no idea what makes a good glove these days or what size he would need. I’ve been looking at Rawlings gloves in particular and I came upon this one: Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO205-4C. Can anyone tell me if this would be a good one to go with, or if not, what are some good pitching gloves to check out? Thanks.

I LOVE MY HoH – Fabulous glove! Mine is for infield/pitch so I have a 11.5" You can not go wrong this that glove. 11.75" ??? Might be a bit big for pitcher IMO.

HOH is an excellent high end glove, but you can save yourself 150 bucks with the Rawlings Gamer, excellent Glove, nice leather too. I’m sure he plays more than one position which would determine youth size. 11.5 is certainly a good size for infield and pitcher for a 12 year old unless he’s a giant, Just don’t go real big like a size for outfielder if he plays infield also. You might convince me about spending 300 bucks for a youth bat (not really) but spending that for a youth glove when most mid range gloves are so nice also, it won’t make him field better and they are made well and to last.

You can also get the Trapezoid or full weave basket as well in both, which is what you want for a pitcher to hide the grip on the ball. Most major brands make excellent gloves, it’s kind of like asking someone for a tire recommendation, everyone has an opinion and they are all (within same class) about the same but everyone talks about them like they are Mario Andretti ;-).

Take him and let him pick out his own glove, after all he has to be comfortable in it. You can steer him to a price range.

In Rawlings, HOH is about as good as you get before going up to the Professional Series, Gamers are next and Prospect are the entry level gloves. Each brand has these types of levels in quality of leather. You can find the same thing in Wilson, Mizuno, AllStar, etc.

My son’s best bud bought a Gamer and only got one year out of it at 12u playing 3rd.

HOH is a pro line glove.

A 12" is probably too big unless the kid is bigger.

I have a new A1K if the OP is interested.

I bought Rawlings select pro lite youth for my son and he is very satisfied with these gloves. It’s light and comfortable, although it’s pretty soft right out of the shelf. Its texture is tight, the dimensions are right, and everything about it seems to feel good.