Good for a sophomore?

Hi I am a sophomore in high school and I throw 75-80 mph. I have a descent change up and a good curve I can throw in any count. I am a 6’2" rhp. I get hitter out and can get deep into games. I do not walk many batters… I have also been invited to play 16-18 legion and I am only 15. Is this good enough? And is it good enough to keep playing on or move to varsity?

Hey Antonio,

75-80 as a sophomore is pretty good as a sophomore, I first 80 when I was a sophomore at D1 recruiting camp and thought I was getting signed that day lol but it is actually pretty common to see those types of speeds out of sophomores. Don’t worry it will go up, at age 20 I hit 95,just takes a good work ethic, time and muscle maturation.

If you’re a consistent strike thrower with a good follow up pitch, then you should have no problem pitching against older competition. Legion can be a different animal, a lot of great talent, so if you’re getting asked to play, it may be for 1 of 2 reasons. There lacking good arms or they believe you can help them win. Have confidence in your ability, focus on winning and let the rest take care of itself. Keep grinding, you never know what the Lord has in store for you. Best of luck buddy!

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God Bless!

C. Thomas

Thank you

That’s about what I threw my sophomore year. I was 6’2 and about 155 pounds and I was in the mid to upper 70’s. I would recommend working on the change up, it can be your best friend.