Good fantasy baseball names?



Wow, this went nowhere :shock:

I know one name that always stuck with me as being inconvenient for a pitcher: Grant Balfour. Poor guy. It makes one think he’s prone to issuing walks because he grants a lot of ball fours?

He was actually a pretty good pitcher.


Here’s another name that we all know because he was such a dominant pitcher. Randy Johnson. Break that name down and see what comes to mind about his personal hygiene…just sayin’…these parents weren’t exactly pondering all the possibilities when selecting life-long handles for these guys! :oops:




Even Randy Johnson’s nickname, The Big Unit, is rife with innuendo.

By the way, Unit will probably be inducted into the HoF this afternoon. Best of luck to the 5 time Cy Young winner and only pitcher to win the Cy Young between 1999 and 2002. That stat alone should get him in!


Dick Trickle would have made and good lead off hitter but he chose to drive a race car.

My favorite from back in the day…Cookie Rojas.


Oil Can Boyd 8)


When they listed the starting order for races they listed all the racers in the last - name-first format so we’d have to find out where ‘Trickle, Dick’ was starting. Then we’d yell, “There’s Trickle Dick!” Poor guy. Tom Cruise ’ s character in Days of Thunder was Cole Trickle. I can’t believe the name was chosen at random.