Good enough for legion?


Hey, I’m 16 and next year when I’m 17 I’m going to tryout for legion. I was just wondering if throwing 67-72mph is good enough for that league.


Kind of impossible to say.
Legion ball can be a real mixed bag. Some places it may be better than high school ball, many places not. My son who is a couple of years older than you is playing in a mens league to get on the field until he tries out for a college again next summer. The age range is 18-56. The skill sets vary from guys who have not played before to former D1 and minor league guys. Pitching velocity varies from .low 60s to high 80s. If you want to try out and play, go for it, give it a shot.
A lot of other things go into it. Can you locate one or more pitches?
Have you played before?
You stat next year you are trying out for legion ball…Post some video of you pitching (from a mound) and there are very qualified people on this site who can comment on it and give you some tips.
If you are worried about your velo between now and next year you certainly have time to improve.


I played 4 years of Legion Baseball in Utica, NY and Alton, IL, and I’d say pitching velocities were mid-70s with a few guys up into the 80s. Every team I was on had at least two very good starting pitchers – threw hard, threw strikes, could pitch. The rest of the guys were still developing.


I played Legion for 3 summers in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I played with many D1 players and some standout guys in other levels of college ball. Since then (2006-2008) the scene has died a bit unfortunately, but every team had a stud pitcher or two. A few touched 90 with most sitting low to mid 80s. Like others have said, not sure what your area is like, but 67-72 would have been soft toss when I played.

That being said, go tryout. Legion ball made me a better baseball player, and I made some fantastic memories those summers.


I agree. Give it what you’ve got and see what happens.