Good enough for jv?


Hi. I am a freshman in high school (15 years old). I throw 77-80 mph and am 6’2. I would like to know how good this is and if it is good enough to pitch for tjv?


Of course it is. You need to be able to throw something else for strikes or they can just sit fastball, but you can do well on a JV team at that velocity. For that matter, you could do well on Varsity if you know how to pitch with your brain.


I would like to play varsity but they r very good and competitive. And I also throw a good curve


I went to a JV game today where I live. I think the top veto was probably 75. There were several kids that were not breaking 70. I left after two innings with the score 15-2. The worse (way worse) of the two teams went through two pitchers to get out of the 2nd inning.
JV can really be all over the place. One guy may look like he is 12 and another kid may have a beard. One kid may have a lot of skill and one may have not played before. For 15 years old 77-80 is above average. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to other players too much, just strive to get better at the skill of pitching.


Speaking of kids this age. I’m coaching a Babe Ruth Major League team (15-18 year olds). There is a new kid on my team who has never played baseball before. During player evaluations, it looked like he had played a little bit of catch, but mostly he doesn’t know how to handle the glove. At the plate, he swings hard but deflects everything foul to the 1B side.

At this age, we really don’t know what we could see. I’m glad he’s taking up the game. I told him I would work with him on the side during practice between pitcher bullpens. I’ve had two sessions with him and he now understands “palms up, thumbs out, butt down” for ground balls. He understands which way to turn his glove to catch the ball “around the clock face” and I’ve got him holding the bat properly activating his swing with his back knee and hip. My lesson cue was, “I don’t want you to swing the bat, I want you to hit the ball hard.” He put a half dozen balls off the L screen at last practice. I almost had to put on my sunglasses to shade my eyes against his smile. His throwing motion is another story. He’s got this throwing darts while skipping thing going on. Everyone loves a challenge, right?


Love it!!
Keep up the great work.
Some of the best benefits in youth sports go beyond a kid getting a scholarship or a kid moving on to the next level. A kid who is unsure, not gifted, has not played…a kid like that getting the chance to learn, to improve, to contribute and be accepted…these can huge life moments for kids.
Great job Coach Paul taking this boy under your wing.


That’s why they call you “Coach” Paul and not “Manager” Paul :smile: