Good distance running times for pitchers?


I’m not particularly fast, and I just want to know how I stack up against other pitchers. I have a 6:52 one mile and a 14:55 two mile. I know I’m going to have to improve that. What are typical one and two mile times for high school and college pitchers? Where should I be? I know some college programs will cut you if you can’t get the mile time where it needs to be… A little worried about that. Sophomore in high school right now.


I’m asking this question out of curiosity more than anything.

What colleges are you referring to, when you say … “some college programs will cut you if you can’t get the mile time where it needs to be.” Is this for a roster spot on the ball club?


I was texting my coach this morning, and he said that he made that up to get some of the guys to take their running more seriously. Haha. I’m not too worried about it anymore. He told me to get my mile to 6:45, which seems pretty slow to be honest, and to be able to do a 21:30 three mile. With the eventual goal of being able to keep up a good pace for 30 minutes. I’m running two miles every other day, and sprints on the non-distance days. Once season is over in a few weeks, I’ll be able to add to that. Does that sound like a good plan?


Just out of curiosity, why are you distance running? If you want to be a better pitcher I would keep the sprints, but replace the distance running with strength training.


Hey whether you are doing distance, sprints, and/or strength training…it’s all good! Keep doing what ur doing. I wouldn’t be too concerned about time or distance, just as long as ur getting it in!


I’m with you on this one. I played D1 and it was required we ran 7 miles every Saturday morning in fall ball. That was just so we wouldn’t go out and party. Strength train and maybe some yoga. Forget the distance stuff unless you just like to run. Running for distance isn’t viewed as healthy any longer too.


I suppose I am starting to enjoy running, really clears your mind. Ran a 6:37 mile a few days ago, pretty happy about that. Definitely going to focus on the sprints more though, since that is more pitcher specific. Also, we do distance runs occasionally as a team, and I want to be able to be at the front of the pack for those since our coach holds the players that are in better shape in higher regard.