Good day

I want to be a great pitcher but also unique. So,…
Today i have been working on developing my knuckleball and after about an hour and a half i got it perfect almost no spin but the little spin it has goes different every tim(good thing). Then i was experimenting and i think what i ended up with was a gyro ball. Not only can i throw it with a lot of movement but i can throw it almost as fast as my fastball and i cann locate it well. So in about two hours i developed 2 devastating pitches.

What’s a gryoball?

[size=7]This should be interesting.[/size]

from what i hear on the gyroball, its not supposed to move. the spin you apply to it fools the hitter into thinking it will move. at lower levels of the game this is just going to be a changeup, seeing as hitters normally dont know yet how to read the spin of the ball and adjust

it goes straight but with a slight change on the spin axis it can have a bite

Well buddy, I can certainly help you out with the knuckler if you ever need it and I also know a community of knuckleballers and one who throws the Gyro! I am Niekrofan13 on that site. Seriously though we can help you out and if you buy the knucklebook that is a great help too.

actually i aready have thought about buying it im not sure yet but if you could give me some tips it would be great

i jst made an account on that site its same as this one

even at 45feet my gyro droops about a foot within the last 8 ft

I saw you post on there. Well I’ll tell you this.

Stiff wrist eliminates spin. Keep the ball back in the palm. Fire and follow or there is another method I found out after talking to Andrew Connor from SSU online, he says it works better for him if he throws hard with his fingertips instead of just following. Also remember, different strokes for different folks, some people do things different, seriously.

yaeh thanks im getting a bit better