Good cleats for pitchers


anyone know of a good pair of cleats that are better for pitchers specifically?
i have that common toe problem so maybe there is a pair designed better for pitchers out there…
thanks for any help


Personally I have the Adidas Excel IC Pro cleats.
Around 60 bucks or so.

I threw a lot of innings last year and will actually be wearing my pair from last year again. Just put in new spikes because the old ones had worn a little bit from being in concrete dugouts.

The toe has very little wear on it.

As far as what not to get, I remember last year one of our guys said never get mizunos for pitching. He had gone threw the toe rather quickly and then had to put on one of those pitcher toe pieces for a lot of the season.


I made this thread awhile back, Steve recommended metal.

I personally love Nike, so that’s what I’d tell ya.


I suggest Pumas, rubber or metal if you want. I’ve used rubber-cleated Pumas for three years now and they still haven’t worn out.


I always pitched in Nike or Reeboks. Spikes don’t change that much for season to season, so you should be able to score some top of the line shoes from last year at big discounts online. That’s what I recommend doing. Hey, get a pitching toe!


i heard they KILL your feat.


i heard they KILL your feat.[/quote]

Well you never know until you try them.


I couldn’t run the bases in my Nikes last year b/c my toes would be jamming up against the tip … and I assure you I had the right size shoe on. I think the Nikes are too narrow in the toe.

I want to get Mizzuno’s this year, only b/c it will match the brand of my glove (maybe that’s weird)… but Steve said they were too heavy. I dunno about that, maybe they are.


my mizunos got DEMOLISHED last year i just got the nike anniversary all black 3/4 and barely anything happened to them in fall ball. I hope they hold up the whole year.


what was so bad about the Mizzunos? Just the toe got DEMOLISHED? or other parts too?


I liked the Nike Hurache 2k4’s. So i’m probally going to get the 2k5’s there was a little wear in the front with the 2k4’s but you really dont notice it.


Andrew, I’d just suggest getting a smaller pair of cleats if you haven’t already. Even though they may be the right size in a shoe, they might be different in a cleat. Or, try typing the laces a little tighter to hold your feet in place.


I love under armor cleats. I just got a pair but I don’t know how they’ll last. I had Easton Stealth’s last year that got completely trashed. Used them spring, 2 summer teams, and a fall team and could basically stick my foot out through the hole in the front.


Sounds like they went through a lot. What I’m wondering is how do most pitchers form a hole in the toe of their cleats? Does it occur when you’re pivoting during the delivery?


with my mizunos the toe was ripped so far off i was bleeding on my toe after one game from dragging my foot and there being no more cleat left they were the regular low 9spikes


Oh okay that’s why then, I don’t drag my back foot when I come off of the rubber after a delivery.


last season i had some pumas and they were horrible. I also had to get new cleats because of a big hole in the front…what a waste.


Oh well at least now you have better cleats that work for you I’m sure.


Huarache 2k4’s are good but they might be a little too hi-cut. You get used to that though. Very good cleats.


Definitely Mizuno is one of the best cleat on the market . I have MIZUNO MEN’S 9 SPIKE . Mizuno has done a nice job on these shoes all the way from the flexible rubber soled to the light and comfortable upper part of the shoe. They are also an incredibly stylish shoe when worn and they come in a variety of different colors to choose from.