Good cheap creatine

where do you guys buy your creatine, if you use it? im looking for an inexpensive but still good creatine. gnc is a ripoff, any good online sites to buy these supplements?

I would avoid “cheap” creatine.

Just my opinion but I don’t like to use any supplements. I do this because i think that the best way to increase performence nutrition wise is to eat lots of fruits and veggies. I don’t think that supplements work as well as whole foods.

What would follow if you added supplements to eating lots of whole foods?

Eating fruits and vegetables will not make you stronger. Hate to break it to you. Supps are fine, creatine is a little on the advanced side. I’d take more caution with creatine. But it does work, very well. Protein powder is basically the same as “whole foods” minus the carbs. You can always use a carb supplement to mix with your protein. Also protein wise the BV of isolate and concetrate proteins are better than any other protein.

Which means they work faster and its easier to build muscle. If you want a good supplement take whey protein isolate mixed with maltodextrin and dextrose. They will help add an insulin spike.

Moral of the story is you don’t want to get robbed when it comes to building muscle and spending time working out. If you don’t eat right you won’t live up to your potential strength gains wise.

13 bucks, free shipped to your door, in 3 days or less. Its creapure which means its gotta pass some pretty tight purity tests.

I buy most my stuff from t-nation, biotest is an awesome company.

centerfield, are you talking about the german micronized creatine on tnation?

yup yup. dissolves quite nicely.

thanks i know you are big on creatine so im going to take your word for it and get it.

how much and when do you consume this?
what do you mix with it, is it better with just water or milk and whey protein?

I consume it before I workout. That is right correct? It basically adds energy. I take whey after. It doesn’t taste like much so you don’t really need to mix it with anything. Just drink a lot of water during the day so you don’t cramp up.

I just take 5 grams before I workout, I don’t like taking 2 servings.

Why don’t you guys do some research on what your going to put into your bodies. Most of you besides CF, have absolutely no idea what are in the zillions of supplements you use. You should treat the inside of your body better than the outside of your body. Do some research, don’t just ask a web site. If all your looking for is an increase in performance with no research, then heck, you mine as well go get some steroids or HGH.

hammer, i know you arent big on supplements but what is better research than asking someone who has used the specific supplement before and isnt trying to sell anything. most of the reviews on products are made up stuff by the companies.

I here what you’re saying td, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking this great web site questions on supplements. All I’m saying is before you spend your hard earned money on some expensive stuff, find out what’s in it.