Good Bey Skipper

Good Bey Skipper, my old friend.

There’s a dugout of greats who have been waiting a very long time. You will be missed more than you know.

Coach B

Coach, do you have any Sparky stories? I’m afraid the media left behind this giant of a man, who with his wonderful wisdom dominated the sport with class and a quiet dignity we just don’t get to see much anymore.

George Anderson haled from South Dakota. He was once written about on a sport’s page where his last name was spelled Adersen. George said later …” How easy they forget!”.

The man was a man among men. He was very private as he was personable. By the way, as far
as pitchers were concerned, he was noted for little tolerance for pitchers who couldn’t pull their own weight out there.

A man I admired greatly and who took the time to broaden my horizons in this game of games.

Coach B