Good Arsenal?

Well im trying to get a 5 pitch arsenal so i could use it this year for JV or maybe Varsity (small school) So im hoping my sophmore year will be succesfull unlike last year.

  1. Split Finger Fastball (I dont know my actual speed but i know im not real fast prob 60-65.
  2. 4 Seam FB Accurate… prob 63-67
  3. Circle Change Pretty Accurate Pitch most likely 55-57
  4. 2 Seam FB ALOT of Movement 60-63
  5. Slurve Developmental Pitch prob 58-59

I know i dont have alot of stuff YET. Im trying to get my velocity up! But I will rely on my lacation!


Too many pitches. In reality if you have a good 2-seam you only need 2 other pitches. Chagne-up and I wouldn’t throw a slurve but maybe a spike-curve or another slow type of curve. Or a sweeping curve. You seem to throw slower so you will need location and changing of speeds. You can do that with a slow curve and a good change-up. Or splitter but if I was in your situation I would go change, curve, and fastballs.

dont try to get five pitches that are okay. its better to get 2 or 3 that are very good.

its no the pitches you throw
its how you use them
nolan ryan got by on 3-4 pitches fastball,curve,change maybe2seam

you dont need 5 pitches to get high school batters an jv batters out

you dont need 5 pitches to get anybody out. i got a 4 seam, 2 seam, curve, change. its all about commanding them and setting them up for the next pitch…take all those pitches you just listed and you can only throw 1 of them for a strike, any batter coming to the plate is just gana sit on that pitch you can throw for a strike. in reality if your good enough you could dominate a team with 2 a+ pitches. fastball and change

V Says it all

when you have three pitches down so that you can throw them for a strike whenever you want

then think of adding a pitch and really only do it if you need to