Good amount of rest?

Hey, I really like to throw, and do anything baseball related. I’m beginning to worry that I’m going to injure myself before my season even begins! I try not to throw EVER 2 days in a row, i always try and allow at least 1 day of rest in between, and even then, after one day I don’t throw my best. I was wondering what a good amount of rest to take is between throwing hard, with fastballs and breaking balls for about 45 minutes straight. Would it be like, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days?

Also, if I’m in the mood i’ll practice ground ball fielding, but not throwing hard (throwing underhand, ground balls back and forth) would that affect my throwing rest times or if at all?

If I remember correctly there was something about resting for pitchers, granted it was little league from what I can remember. But I think that if you threw somewhere around 70 pitches then you rest for two days, 90 pitches would be about three days perhaps, and 100+ it would be four or more if you need it. But my memory is very faulty and if you find someone else who says otherwise, then I’d go with them. Really it’s however your arm feels. It’ll let you know when a good time to throw is and when it’s not ready.

Seems like a good rule to follow, unfortunately, I pitched all of batting practice (~250 pitches 70% effort) and I’ve been resting alot, feeling better though.

I did the same thing a lot too before I started having some elbow soreness. Take those sessions down to 50% or better yet 30% if you can. They just need to have it down the middle so that they can hit it. I used their BP for my pitching practice as well, but that many pitches can really get to you after a while.

throw 5-6 days a week in season. You should never go until you are sore, but if you are for some reason, do light toss just to get throwing in. Most MLB pitchers throw something like 220 days a year. Listen to your arm