Good 3rd base glove?

I wanted to know if this rawlings glove with the two piece solid web is a good 3rd base glove?

3rd base would be my secondary position this season, I see alot of people like the gloves with the I pocket pattern such as the belowVVVV

and my last question is are infield/3rd base gloves suppose to have good or alot of padding on the palm? or are they suppose to be neutral in the palm?[/img]

It looks like an infielders glove which is good for a 3rd basemen’s glove. It is a good thing to have heavy padding on the palm, because for infielders, your suppose to knock down balls grounders, not catch them.

It looks like a good 3rd baseman glove from what i can see. And especially on 3rd base your gonna want good padding in the palm and you will be happy you had good padding when a hot ground ball or 1 hopper is coming at you. It will also hurt less to block the ball.

I’ve got that Rawlings line for another glove and it’s excellent. Expensive but excellent. Let us know what you went with…