anybody watching the us open right now?

it ended about 20 minutes after i posted. tiger and mediate are playing 18 tommorow to find out the winner.

And speaking of golf…
I remember back in the early 1950s when the Yankees picked up Johnny Mize to play first base. Well, one evening, before a game in which the Yanks were to face the Indians, someone went looking for Mize—probably a newspaperman—and couldn’t find him. Finally Mize was located in the Yanks’ locker room—practicing golf swings with his bat. GOLF SWINGS, for Pete’s sake! When asked about that, he replied simply: "Garcia’s pitching tonight."
Mike Garcia—some called him the Bear, or the Big Bear—was a big powerful righthander who gave the Yanks more trouble than the rest of the Indians’ pitching staff put together. But, like so many pitchers, he was a creature of habit, and he had a particular pattern, the kind of thing many pitchers do (and fall into a trap in the process). He would start just about every batter off with a fast ball low and inside. Well, the game started, and Big Jawn came to bat with two men on base. Garcia came in there with—yep, you guessed it, a fast ball low and inside. And Mize was ready for it. He golfed that pitch way back into the right-field stands for a three-run homer and a lead which the Yankees never relinquished (I think they won 9-2 or something like that). You can be sure that Mize never saw another fast ball from Garcia.
Golf. :slight_smile:

I’ve read this story before. Nice Zita.

haha. ive actually golfed a few out and hit em in the gap for doubles. i dont even realize im doing anymore too lol.