Going to College Need Help

okay guys i have been offered to go to 4 different baseball schools, to play college ball.

I have decided to go in for a business degree(something simple).

Just want some info from people who know about the “college” life. If you will.

LIke when we travel, are we all bused out, do we all stay in the same hotel?
How many days a week do you think we train. Now i know each team is different. I went to the websites, but it just shows the facilities, roster, and the coaching staff.

So ya what do you guys think about the college, baseball life.

Do you think i will be playing my first year. Or will i have to sit.

ANy info about college baseball would be nice.

Those are all questions I’d ask the coaches/ADs directly.

I didn’t play college baseball so I can’t speak to any of that but I think you’re taking the wrong approach here. You should really get into something that you really want to study. It’ll be difficult staying focused on school work as it is but if you’re into something that you aren’t necessarily interested in, it’ll be even worse.

All of your question’s answers depend on the program. At my school we lift 4 days a week in the fall, but the spring is on your own. We also have 6 AM work outs whenever our coach feels like getting up early and killing (us) some time. As far as the hotel question, I would think everyone stays at the same hotel, I know we do and it’s 4 players to a room.