Going to a college camp/clinic to get recognition?

I understand this is a long read, but at least give the last paragraph a glance to answer my main question.

So I just started pitching my sophomore year, and was 4-1 w/ 5 starts (CGs) and 18 K’s. The deal is, I made varsity as a freshman because our school is small (about 325 kids in HS), and I played EVERY SINGLE INNING as a sophomore. I am good, but I don’t believe any college coach is interested in showing up to our games (since the only 4 wins we got were with me, the sophomore, on the mound).

The other thing, is that my stats got blown up by a regional game last year in which I started. It was cold and rainy and my decent ERA around 3-4 went up to over 6! I also compiled a bunch of walks in this poor outing. When I look at student-athlete registration forms, I feel nauseous knowing I’d have to include something like that, when I know I’m only getting better by the day (and have changed my mechanics to be a much better and more consistent pitcher).

Since this time, I pitched in a college fall league sponsored by a D3 school. After one of the games, the D3 coach talked with me for a little bit, asking me where I went to school and what I was up to. He was surprised to hear that I was only the #3 starter after seeing me pitch (and considering the school I attend). He also asked when my first game was of 08, and I told him who (since we are playing one of the better schools in our area. the same school elevated Cody Scarpetta, drafted by the brewers last year). He said he “may just have to check that out.” This was a great confidence booster.

I want to go to a certain school in Illinois that is a D1 school. My main reason for going to this school is to get a degree in sports medicine (CAATE). I think I would be able to get in to this school anyway, (having a 3.9 GPA), and I would LOVE to continue my baseball career at the collegiate level.

I say all this in curiosity of what a simple clinic could do. The school will be having one on campus next Sunday, and if standing face to face with the head coach does me any good, I will do it. Most of the showcases and things I see are WAY out of my range from distance to ability (they send you invites? :? ). Also, it would be nice to learn some things from it, to take with me in my junior year of high school pitching. The clinic is $75 dollars and is about 3-4 hour drive I believe. Worth it?

Thanks, Dan

If you’re real dead set on this one school then the best thing you can do is try to get the coaches attention, and sometimes that takes bugging him ALOT. If you email him, write him letters, talk to him he will have to give you attention.

These camps are always pricey but its also a guaranteed way the coach will see you.

This should help some too.

He talks about being on a team thats not good so you wont stand out as well as teams that are so good you may not stand out on your own team.

How can I use this face time and/or session to strengthen my chances of getting in to this school. Possibly tell him I came to get a feel for the campus and the atheletics department (since it interests me)?

Well which school is it, and with your 3.9 GPA how sure are you that you’ll get accepted.

I’m sure you will become more of a prospective student athlete when he finds out you wont need much athletic money and you can garner all kinds of acedemic money.

How certain are you that you want to go this school too? You havn’t entered your junior year which is when the main recruiting happens…Don’t get too ahead of yourself.

I AM in my Junior year (not baseball yet, but I’m a Junior all right). The school is Western Illinois. Is 3.9 good enough to get academic money (hopefully I’ll do good with the ACT)? Another question: Does your senior year do anything to help you getting admitted? I feel like this next month through the end of the semester is all I have to get into serious baseball.

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