Going to a big name school

hi i was wondering wat my chances are to be seen by a big name school in the states i live in new brunswick canada in a really small military town and i was wondering if any big name school will see me here i dont really throw that hard about 75 mph but im doing a weight program to throw harder i have a really really good curveball and a alright circle change-up i was think of going to a div 3 school not to far from here but my mom would like to see me go somewheres else so do u think u could tell me if i have a chance

Yeah you could go somewhere. I dont know about scholarship, but you might want to contact some area coaches about walking on and provide them with a video or something of yourself.

Hey livedtroy. You should also try to get to some showcase camps. There they can evaluate you against the competition. They will also honestly let you know your chances and also keep a running record on you for college coaches to look at. Big schools might be sound good, but your in N.B. and you could go to a great pitching school like Amherst in mass. where you could have a great like Bill Thurston teaching you. Think about that, there are many great programs in the states, not just big schools. There are also only 11 or so scholarships available on D-1 programs and those go quickly. Good luck and work all year.