Going in to the windeup

when i pitch in the windeup i bring my left foot to the side. Ive been told that if you step back with your left foot insteadof the side im going to have more control and velocity. Is this true ?

unless you do momentum pitching I’m gonna have to say no. Correct me if im wrong

They are referring to momentum…It isn’t bad to have the hips moving to the plate. Not that you can’t do that in any number of ways…avoid folks that want a pitcher to “fit” into a particular model, this kid here is hitting 90 right now…so go figya;

I don’t want to wear it out but this is a very simplistic, squared to the plate wind up that is very efficient…he has great late movement and a sinker of death…

steppin to the side gets you hips straight to the plate quicker
stepping back gets you going forward faster