Going fast or slow

when you are in your windup are you supposed to be going fast or slow different coaches told me different things and if you have a big leg kick would that produce more speed

In my opinion, you should go fairly fast. Obviously you need to stay under control. But the “old skool” teach was to have a pace of “slow, slow, slow, fast”. I’ve actually read this in at least one pitching book. And I’ve heard it taught. The idea of exploding at the end of the delivery is on the right track. But the problem is how do you explode at the end if you lead up to it by going slow? Where does the energy come from? You really need to get going early in the delivery - during the stride. And it starts by getting the hips moving forward early and faster. This will generate momentum and the energy to throw the ball hard. It will also do good things for your timing and mechanics.