I just thought I would share a few things about goals. I’m not sure if this will be old information, but it is useful information never the less.

Many times people have a goal trying to NOT do something. Whenever you have a goal that is a negative goal, you are saying to not do it, and doing that actually increases your odds of doing the opposite of what you want. So whenever you set or goal for anything, try making it a positive one.

Example: Don’t lunge forward(wrong) vs. Stay back and/or weight back(correct)

My other bit of information will regard writing goals down. If you write your goals down you are much more likely to accomplish them.

I can attest to this because I make a To Do list and schedule for myself everyday, and I complete almost everything I set out to do everyday.

So the next time you have a goal or things you would like to do, try writing them down and/or thinking about them in a positive way!

Have a great day!